DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

No damaging glues, waxes, weaves or heat. DreamCatchers method of attachment is through a Micro Cylinder with 27 beautiful colors to chose from; DreamCatchers is 100% Human Hair that can be re-used for continuous enjoyment of beautiful hair.

They are the only hair extension company that has the quality of hair can be re-used for this amount of time because of the unique formula used. With most of hair extension companies, the hair has to be replaced after every use which can become costly. DreamCatchers is 100 % European Remy Human Hair with all cuticles still in tact. This allows the hair extension to retain the moisture as your natural hair does. With a color swatch that has 27 beautiful colors to chose from our method of attachment is applied by a micro cylinder that can be adjusted every 6-8 weeks.